Computing and electronic communications have provided us with a means to eliminate paper for the few past decades, but currently an estimated 95% of business transactions are completed using paper-based procedures.

Dox2Data, an authorized service provider of the Abrica™ Service, is an innovative company providing electronic document and data exchange solutions in the B2B marketplace. Dox2Data provides a smart, simple and secure service to replace paper-based workflows with electronic workflows of documents, data and attachments, while maintaining both the tangibility and versatility that business has become accustomed to.

Dox2Data facilitates the automated exchange of business documents with your trading partners, in both a PDF format and an XML file, including attachments, via the Internet. Dox2Data provides free downloadable software, which installs on your PC or business network, whether it is a comprehensive ERP system (such as SAP or Oracle) or a small business accounting program (QuickBooks, etc.). In addition, Dox2Data Client Software – Gold Edition offers 4 additional utilities that help to automate internal workflow processes.

Dox2Data provides an intuitive and simple solution for transmitting documents quickly and efficiently. Installation can be completed in a few hours for most businesses and there is minimal training necessary to use the software.

Transmission of PDF and XML files of documents automatically created from any business management system are delivered safely and securely through a unique security, authentication, and non-repudiation process which is “banking-strength” and a thousand times faster than comparable solutions.

Dox2Data’s management and staff have significant experience in providing electronic commerce solutions, including EDI, for all types of industries and service providers.

No matter which business management system you use, the size of your business, or how sophisticated your resources, Dox2Data provides an intuitive and simple solution for transmitting documents quickly, efficiently and securely and for less than the cost of postage.