Information Resources Inc.

IRI has been using for the last year and we have been very pleased with the service and reliability of the product. satisfied our enterprise requirements in terms of scalability and robustness and is now an integral part of our business intelligence architecture. has allowed us to shorten our development cycle significantly, tailor the product source as required and use open standards all of which are important ingredients in our decision to commit to
Perry Manous, VP of Commercial Software

Truestar Health Inc.

We are very happy with the level of service, experience and ingenuity that Intellimerce brought to the plate on this project. Intellimerce consultants have provided invaluable advice from day one and have continually proved the benefit of having an independent, objective participant in the software development process. allowed us to deploy business intelligence in days and keep us up to date on the health of the business at all times.

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ID Factory

Our company, which is specialized in Web Internet / Intranet application development, has been involved in an OLAP project development. During this project we were seeking for a powerful and independent yet simple client platform pluggable on a DotNet server product enabling the end users to access the data stored in Microsoft Analysis Services server.

After a benchmark of the existing solutions on the market, we have chosen the Intellimerce Snowflake DotNet control. This product has also been recommended to us by a Microsoft consultant.

We are completely satisfied with the product in regards to:

  • The user friendly interfaces which enable the users to explore the data exposed by the cubes in a very intuitive way with optimized response time. Users can perform drill-down analysis, manage queries, print and share information within a browser without any installation requirements.
  • The assembly packaging and light development interfaces which permits a quick and easy way to introduce Snowflake in any DotNet Web applications.
  • The quality of the support that has been provided by Intellimerce IT personel. Malfunctions and enhancements were systematically reported, and then corrected or added to intermediary versions that were then provided by the development team on regular basis.
  • Overall, this was a very satisfactory experience and cooperation, and the product that was the best at the beginning only got better.

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