Snowflake Cost Effective Cube Analysis

Snowflake is the most user friendly analytical control available on the market. Snowflake allows users to tap integrated analytical services from database vendors through a simple to use web interface with sub-second response times. Users can:

  • Modify queries through drag & drop axis management
  • Slice with the advanced multi-select slicers
  • Drill in grid or chart
  • Drill through to underlying details
  • Perform many, many more actions that are found in expensive analytical tools.

    For the list of features by version please check the feature comparison table on the right.
    For other questions please take a look at the fact-sheet and frequently asked questions. in Visual Studio integrates directly into and displays immediately changes to the properties for immediate preview. The feedback from developers is unanimous - is definitely the easiest to use OLAP component for .net.

    The availability of source code makes also the most customizable component on the market. Since uses XML/A and industry standard, open protocol you know that you are do not have vendor lock-in for any tier of your analytical infrastructure.


    Looking for a solution that provides analytical services to clients and partners? Snowflake is the tool for extranet analytical deployments. Zero footprint (no installations) browser access provides instant karma experience to your users. provides an extremely easy way of providing access for XMLA services to end users. With a few clicks you can generate fully functional analytical clients on by levering the power of the - XMLA control.

    Price is Right

    Zero cost deployment and reuse of available analytical services from database vendors such as Microsoft results in the highest return on investment possible. Snowflake was designed with small and medium size, cost conscious companies in mind so you know that the price is right.


    Snowflake is an XML/A control and is deployed as a layer between the web server and the analytical server. It scales to the requirements of thousands of users (analytical server capabilities being the bottle neck). Seamless integration is provided for Microsoft .net server family. For more information on architecture please consult the product datasheet.


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